Do you want to be on track for a financially secure retirement?

Over 12 weeks, the Reset Retirement Roadmap will provide guidance, support and accountability, leaving you feeling confident and excited about your financial future.

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The Reset Retirement Roadmap

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Sally Williams
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I am not new to the world of money; as a Chartered Financial Planner, I have over 20 years experience of working in financial services.

I created Reset Money Coaching because I want to help people on their own financial journey, when they are building wealth and starting to think about their longer term future.  Often people in their 30s and 40s struggle to find the financial guidance and support they need. 

I’m all about helping people with money; supporting them to make better financial decisions now, that will benefit them in the future.

The Reset Retirement Roadmap is a 12 week programme, which includes:

–  4 x 1hr online coaching sessions covering:

» Reality – an in depth review of your current financial situation and an exploration of your money mindset & beliefs

» Vision – setting financial goals aligned to your values and gaining clarity on how much retirement will cost

» Review – exploring your personalised financial plan, based on YOUR vision for the future

» Options – consideration of the options to reach your goals and a look at the financial impact (both now and for the future) of the choices open to you

» Planning – establish the steps required to put your plan in place and ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to go ahead and action your plan

–  A personalised financial plan (sent in PDF format), including your current reality and alternative scenarios based on your options.

–  A checklist of agreed actions to implement your plan.

–  Practical resources to support your journey.

–  Email/letter templates and telephone call scripts to use with your current pension/investment providers and HR department, to make it super easy to get the information you need. This will ensure you have a full and detailed understanding your current financial situation.

–  12 weeks of unlimited email support during the programme, helping you feel fully supported along the way and removing any blocks stopping you taking action between sessions.

–  A 30 minute wrap up session at the end of the 12 week period, to deal with any questions or problems you have around implementing your plan.

–  A review checklist to enable you to make sure your plan remains on track each year as you get closer to retirement.

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The investment in your Financial Future is


This includes:

–  4 x 1hr online coaching sessions

–  1 x 30 min online wrap up session

–  Unlimited email support throughout the programme

–  A personalised financial plan

–  A follow up email & action point summary after each session

–  Access to practical and educational resources

Interested? Let's have call to chat through any questions you have:

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